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Riot teases new Valorant map through 3 cryptic videos

Published: 01:57, 04 January 2023
Is this Split or the new map
Is this Split or the new map

Riot wastes no time giving the community a sneak peek of the new map and maybe even a new agent. A series of cryptic videos involving Omen, Fade, Raze, Jett and Killjoy was released on Twitter over the weekend. 

On January 1, Riot released a video of Fade in an unknown city. The video does not show anything other than her motionlessly standing in the rain. Some players speculated that Fade is located in the city known as the City of Flowers Still, others have pointed out the very high resemblance of the city from the video to the map Split which is set to come back sometime in January.

On January 2, Riot released another video on their Twitter page that shows Omen trimming a bonsai tree and an unknown character working close by. This video is a very clear indicator that there will be a new agent coming to Valorant very soon and this might be their first reveal.

Valorant That character is not Fade That character is not fade

On January 3, Riot posted yet again and this time it is a conversation between Raze, Killjoy and Jett at a restaurant. While the conversation itself did not contain any meaningful information in it, the image used as the visual part of the video shows the same buildings from Fade's video, again implying that Split might be coming back.

Is this the new map? Is this the new map?

Lastly, all of the videos shared a common caption, ".JAN // .05 // .2023 ", implying that whatever it is that Riot is teasing, will be going live on this date. So stay tuned and keep your game updated to be the first to see what is it that Riot was teasing.


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