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Valorant - New City of Flowers map teaser

Published: 21:21, 04 November 2022
The map is a reference to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, India’s most mesmerizing flower valley
The map is a reference to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, India’s most mesmerizing flower valley

The voice message in Brimstone's office starts off with Harbor reporting back to Brim and informing him that the research that he, Astra and Killjoy were conducting is completed.

Riot is back at it again with new bits of lore over in Valorant 's universe. This time, Harbor and Breach get a slight addition to their backstories. 

As usual, once the player heads down into Brimstone's office, they may check the phone that sits on the couch. Now, the phone has a brand new voice message for the players to listen to.

Harbor informs Brim that the research Astra, Killjoy and he were working on is completed and that even though they tried different methods and ways, the results were always the same. The City of Flowers on Omega is a multi-verse nexus. Legion powering up the nexus with Alpha's version of the city ruined will leave Omega with nothing to absorb the energetic shock.

Harbor says that if this were to happen, the results would be catastrophic. India's population would be at stake and Harbor assures Brim that he will do everything in his power to prevent that. He tells Brimstone to get a team ready to fight Legion and Harbor should be the first one to join that team. 

Everything hints at the new map being located in India, especially Harbor's determination to keep the City of Flowers (the new map) safe along with his people.

The voice message ends with a "thank you" from Breach. He informs Brim that his (Breach's) nephew is getting released from prison early. He says (slightly sarcastically) that he does not know how that could have happened and that he is thankful for Brimstone pulling some strings.

It is worth mentioning that Breach has never gotten along with Brimstone or really anyone in Valorant so this wholesome moment between them is definitely a turning point for the better.


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