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Escape from Tarkov - Everything that will be released with Patch 0.13

Published: 02:36, 27 December 2022
Updated: 08:34, 27 December 2022
Everything is better with an explosion
Everything is better with an explosion

The Escape from Tarkov has had a very hectic few days as the wipe is approaching at rapid speeds. With so much information coming in, it is hard to pick out what is valuable. This article will summarize everything that is coming with Patch 0.13

Firstly, Battlestate Games have not announced the official wipe date for Escape from Tarkov yet but they might do it soon either on their forums or their official Twitter account.

The patch that has been announced is called Patch 0.13 and it is set to bring a lot of new and exciting things to the game in the very near future.

Firstly, the new boss called Antlerman will 100% be joining Escape from Tarkov as the protector of the Lightkeeper . What most players might have missed is the small detail at the end of the trailer when the player enters the Lightkeeper's room to see only a telescope.

If players look closely, they can see a small portion of the Lightkeeper's silhouette just staring through the window. All of this implies that we might be getting both Antlerman and Lightkeeper together.

Battlestate Games Finally news on the Lightkeeper! Finally news on the Lightkeeper!

While it was known right from the start that this patch will include Streets of Tarkov, the reveal trailer has showcased them beautifully and solidified their spot in the patch.

The biggest and most exciting items that are set to come to the game are the underbarrel grenade launchers that have been talked about and featured. The items that are equally as exciting but haven't been mentioned are the RPG 7 and mounted RPGs so these might not be released right at the launch but should definitely be expected.

Additionally, a lot of new gun attachments have been featured that seem to bring new animations into the game but the official buffs and nerfs the attachments bring are still unknown.


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