How to get your Valorant Yearly Recap report

Published: 04:48, 30 December 2022
Everyone was killed the most by a smurf Reyna
Everyone was killed the most by a smurf Reyna

A yearly progress report is a fun way to show the players how far they've come and what kind of players they've become. The report includes a few fun bits of information that the players did not know or expect.

Riot has just released the next event on their list of events throughout Winter . The Valorant yearly Recap is full of interesting personalized facts about every player that has requested one.

The Recap takes the form of a report that contains information about how many hours have been played and whether or not it is more than last year. It also includes a few stats that can be compared with the stats of friends and teammates. These stats are damage output, KDA and headshot accuracy.

There is also a "Personal Progress" section that shows the player how much damage they've dealt in comparison to the previous year as well as the number of wins and KDA. It also shows who their most played agent is as well as who killed them the most and how many aces, first bloods and clutches they've gotten.

Valorant Twitter You can still get your yearly Recap You can still get your yearly Recap

If you haven't signed up for the yearly Recap, you can still do it by going to , signing into your account and searching for the section where it says "COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES". Once you find that, make sure to check the "Communications with Riot Games" box and wait for the email.

While the deadline to sign up for the yearly Recap was till December, Riot still accepts new opt-ins from players even well after the deadline so make sure to go and sign up for your own.


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