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Valorant - Episode 6 Battlepass features new cat-themed gun skins

Published: 16:02, 06 January 2023
How cute are these?
How cute are these?

Every shooter game on the market has a touch of seriousness added to it either through cosmetics or playstyle. That is not the case with Valorant, the game that takes pride in its colourful gun cosmetics and this Episode's battlepass confirms exactly that.

The new episode is set to bring a brand new map, a new skin bundle and a brand new battlepass into Valorant

So far, neither the episode reveal nor the skin bundle reveals have been disappointing and the only thing left is the first look at the new battlepass. 

The battlepass will feature the standard 50 levels with the additional 5 levels that can be gained after the completion of the battlepass.

In this episode, the gun skins have an interesting theme and the community might either love or hate them. The theme in question is cats... More specifically, agents in cat form.

Riot Jett once said: "Why is it so cute!?" Jett once said: "Why is it so cute!?"

The skins will be available for the Classic, the Guardian, the Phantom and the Ares and will have 4 different variants. Each variant will showcase a different agent.

The agents that were chosen for this theme are Reyna, Viper, Jett and Raze and their variants will be unlockable on all of the previously mentioned guns.

It is important to mention that due to these skins being battlepass skins, they do not have finisher animations or special inspection animations. While they are very cute and different from any other skin in the game, they might be just a little too silly for some of the players.

Considering everything, we will rate these skins a 7/10. While they are very cute, the grade cannot be any higher due to the lack of finishers and animations.


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