Rainbow Six Siege - How does Crossplay work?

Published: 01:45, 29 December 2022
The community if PC and consolve crossplay was a thing
The community if PC and consolve crossplay was a thing

Teams and communication are a key component of Rainbow Six Siege and those who go into games alone, tend to not enjoy them as much as premade teams. But which players can play together through crossplay?

After 7 long years, Ubisoft has finally given the Rainbow Six Siege community the ability to play on different platforms. This was announced during the reveal panel for Operation Solar Raid but it has led to a few questions and we are here to answer them.

The first mention of crossplay happened a few years ago when Ubisoft announced that PC players will be able to play on platforms Stadia and Luna and it was left at that. Later, the crossplay was disabled.

Now, Ubisoft has announced that crossplay will be available but only for console players. This means that layers on both Playstation and Xbox can play with each other without any major hassle.

PC players are not able to play with either Xbox or Playstation players until further notice and while the community might be upset with this decision, it makes sense.

Ubisoft How the platforms were grouped by Ubisoft How the platforms were grouped by Ubisoft

The console players currently do not have a competitive scene and Ubisoft has recently decided to apply different adjustments and changes to the PC version of the game and to the console version of the game.

Combining the two communities would give the PC players an incredible advantage over the console players which will result in a lot of backlash towards the developers for ever allowing it to happen.


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