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Valorant - Episode 6 trailer gives a first peek at the new Lotus Map

Published: 01:58, 06 January 2023
This is one of the prettiest maps Riot has released
This is one of the prettiest maps Riot has released

We have already established that Riot is a master at building lore through videos and telling a story. We have gotten the first look at Episode 6 which is coming to Valorant and we are beyond excited for the release.

The Valorant community was left on the edge of their seats with their recent cinematic called "Revelation". The anticipation was built up with previous teasers and clips on the official Riot Twitter and TikTok accounts and now new information was brought to light.

The video starts off by showing Astra and Harbor walking through a jungle in India and looking for the lost City of Flowers.

The video quickly switches to a nightclub in Istanbul where Fade seems to be engaging in some form of interrogation with an unknown character.

Then the video takes the viewers to the Valorant headquarters where Omen is trimming a bonsai tree in the dark and Sage can be seen walking towards the shooting range.

The very heavy and dark mood is then replaced with the upbeat atmospheric restaurant in Korea where Killjoy, Raze and Jett can be seen conversing and enjoying a meal.

Riot That food looks so good That food looks so good

Quickly after, Fade's intentions are revealed and it is clear that she is gathering information about the location of the City of Flowers AKA the new Lotus Map.

The cinematic shares a rare moment between Sage and Omen where Sage is in need of help and Omen uses his abilities to shield her. This is the first time Omen gets his 5 minutes of fame in a lore video.

The video then circles back to Harbor and Astra making their way through the jungle and arriving at the gates of the lost city. They use their artefacts to open the doors and get pushed back into the water that is surrounding the area.

The video ends with all of the involved characters getting a phone notification and quickly moving towards the city where they greet each other in a not-very-friendly manner, with their guns pointed at each other.


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