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Valorant - New Cryostasis skin revealed

Published: 00:22, 09 December 2022
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Riot could have done a better job with this one but there are greater things coming
Riot could have done a better job with this one but there are greater things coming

Christmas is coming early for the skin enthusiasts of Valorant as Riot has announced a brand new skin bundle coming to the market. It is called Cryostasis and if you like Wasteland, you'll love it!

Riot easily takes the number one spot for best skins in their games.  Valorant 's gun skins and the champion outfits in League of Legends definitely leave the players questioning whether or not 45€ is a lot for a knife skin that they will only be inspecting while chasing enemies.

After the release of the Abyssal skin bundle , Riot has announced the release of the Cryostasis bundle which will consist of a melee weapon that will be a sledgehammer, a Vandal and an Operator skin that will have an idle animation and a finisher animation and it will change based on whether or not the gun is shot and how often it is shot.

The gun does have a slight resemblance to the Wasteland skin set and could potentially even be the Wasteland 2.0, but the freezing animation feels a little out of place and maybe even unnecessary.

The animation starts when the gun is not fired and sits idle, the barrel begins freezing and slowly turns white with little ice spikes all over it. Shooting would cause the ice to break away or melt due to the overheating of the barrel. The finisher move puts the enemy in an ice tornado that then turns them into an ice statue.

Valorant Hub Overall, the skin is mid at best Overall, the skin is mid at best

Overall the skin enthusiasts rate this skin a solid 4.5/10 and we strongly believe that Riot can do better (Release the Oni 2.0 Riot). 


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