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Escape from Tarkov - Patch 0.13 trailer reveals new Streets of Tarkov

Published: 01:33, 27 December 2022
Updated: 02:29, 27 December 2022
We are so excited for Patch 0.13
We are so excited for Patch 0.13

The wipe is as good as here and Battlestate Games ar still revealing more and more content and events. Today, they have released the official trailer for Patch 0.13.

Battlestate Games has launched a new trailer for Escape from Tarkov and there are a few things that are definitely interesting and worth mentioning.

The trailer clearly focuses on showcasing the new Streets of Tarkov but ends later with a clip from the original Antlerman reveal video. This time around though, the clip gets an additional extension where the player enters the lighthouse to show what is in it.

Once the player climbs up a few sets of stairs and unlocks a few doors, he enters a room that seems to only have a telescope in it. That is where the clip and the whole video end.

The trailer does not mention when the patch will drop but the community still expects it to be very soon due to the Twitch Drops event going live on January 29.

Battlestate Games We are only a few days away from the wipe We are only a few days away from the wipe

Up until now, the Twitch Drops event has always gone live either on the day of the wipe or right before the wipe and the community expects it to be no different this year.

Additionally, the video does feature a gunfight between two players which might be hinting at additional PvP events or items but that is also not confirmed yet.


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