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Valorant - New map rotation updates coming in January

Published: 16:01, 02 December 2022
Split is coming back!
Split is coming back!

The community was very vocal about missing Split in the Rated and Unrated map rotation but certain maps were still in the pool. Riot has decided to listen to the community and adjust their Rated and Unrated map pool and bring Split back.

Riot has released another update shortly after the news regarding Chamber's changes . This update is about Valorant 's current Rated and Unrated map pool. 

The team earlier stated that a 7 map rotation is the perfect amount for the players not to feel overwhelmed and have enough time and opportunities to learn the maps. With this statement, they have decided to remove Split. 

Now, they have decided to grant the community their wish and bring Split back into the poll in early January. But with the return of Split, they have decide to remove Bind and Breeze. While they will return at some point, currently the date of their return is not specified.

While Bind and Breeze are out of the Rated/Unrated map pool, they will still be in rotation for Spike Rush, Death Match and custom games. The developers are looking to improve both Bind and Breeze and tweak and adjust them a little them before they're back in Competitive.

Valorant Wiki All of the Viper line-up Larries are crying right now All of the Viper line-up Larries are crying right now

The devs did confirm that Split will be returning with a few fixes and tweaks as well and this is done so it could fit right in with the current meta and all of the new Agents that have been introduced while Split was out of rotation.


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