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New skills, stimulants and PvE expansion added to Escape from Tarkov

Published: 00:27, 29 December 2022
Whose body is hanging
Whose body is hanging

The Patch 0.13 has gone live on Escape from Tarkov and the list of changes is very long. These are the new items and skills that have been added to the game.

The December wipe patch for Escape from Tarkov has officially hit the servers and Battlestate Games have made a lot of changes.

Firstly, there are two new skills that have been added:

  1. Light Armor
    • The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, wear of armor when repairing, and damage from melee weapons when struck in the armour.
  2. Heavy Armor
    • The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, blunt damage to parts covered by the armour, and wear of armour when repairing.

The skill progression affects the insurance cost, extracts, replacement of operational tasks, price of the Scav Box, and Therapist's healing services. 

The cooperative game mode has gotten new settings:

  • No energy and water drain
    • By checking "Disable water and energy consumption", the player will not lose energy and hydration over time, except from consuming items. With zero energy and hydration, there will be no exhaustion or dehydration negative effects.
  • Bot configuration
    • Option to adjust the amount (including full absence) and difficulty of bots from the solo offline mode is now available in co-op.
    • Spawn point selection options

Players can now choose one of tree spawn point options:

  1. All in one place
    • All players in a group will appear together in the center of the map
  2. As online
    • All players in the group will spawn at the edges of the map, each at their own position
  3. 2 teams
    • Players in the group will be divided into two teams (according to the order in which they enter the group) and spawned as different teams in two different parts of the map

Two new upgrade levels have been added for the shooting range. The levels allow the player to set up a variety of shooting targets, including moving targets, and use the training program to improve their shooting accuracy.

Escape from Tarkov We suggesting waiting a few days before jumping into the heat We suggesting waiting a few days before jumping into the heat

5 new stimulants have been added

  1. Obdolbos 2
    • A syringe with a homemade drug, developed by Sanitar. A new version of the old classic. Looks like TerraGroup Labs' experiments did not end with the closure of TerraGroup Labs itself.
  2. SJ12 TGLabs
    • Developed for the operatives of special units. Slows down some functions of the body and they temporarily start working with energy regeneration. 
    • After the end of the action, there is usually a jump in temperature to 40-42 degrees as a compensation for the incorrect functioning of the body systems.
  3. Perfotoran (Blue Blood)
    • A blood substitute with the function of oxygen transfer, used as a powerful antidote capable of relieving toxins, poisons, and radiation damage.
    • It temporarily speeds up the metabolism and regenerates tissues. Negatively affects health in case of overdose or rejection.
  4. Trimadol
    • An opioid synthetic analgesic developed for special forces operatives. It causes hyperpolarization of membranes and inhibits conduction of pain impulses. 
    • In addition to the analgesic effect, it increases combat characteristics. Overdose leads to exhaustion of the body after the effects wear off.
  5. PNB (Product 16)
    • Allows a short-term activation of the inner muscles, bringing them into a state of hypertonicity, which in turn reduces the received damage. 
    • Used for the expansion of the organism abilities at the key moment of the combat. Allowed for use by Special Forces. Has some side effects.

Time and Weather Configuration

It is now possible to fine-tune the weather to be either cloudy, foggy, rainy or windy.

The ability to set a specific time of day for the raid has been added. When selecting the desired value, the time flow will be stopped and will always correspond to the selected hour. It is also possible to leave the time as in an online raid.


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