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Rainbow Six Siege: Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid Reveal Panel overview

Published: 22:39, 21 November 2022
Updated: 23:23, 21 November 2022
The season is looking very promising
The season is looking very promising

The reveal panel has just gone live at the Sweden Major and these are all of the changes that will be coming alongside Solis and Operation Solar Raid on December 6.

A new squad, called Ghosteyes , has been introduced to Rainbow Six Siege . The leader is Caveira and they specialize in stealth, secrecy and intel gathering. Solis , the new defender, will be part of this squad.

The long-anticipated, brand-new map called Nighthaven Labs will also be available in both ranked and unranked and players will not be able to ban it during map ban throughout the whole season. 

Ubisoft Solis seems like a really well-rounded operator Solis seems like a really well-rounded operator

Ranked 2.0

Ranked 2.0 will be going live with the new season and the changes that have been made might make ranked exciting again. Firstly, players will no longer have the usual 10 placement matches. Instead, everyone starts off in Copper and will have to work through the ranks.

The skill level of all players will be hidden but the ranks will be visible. Additionally, there will be a 100 MMR difference between every rank and players will get a charm for every rank they have passed (and the rank they are currently at). 

Lastly, Ranked 2.0 will no longer have squad restrictions and players of any skill level can play together.

Battlepass and Customization

The new Battlepass will no longer be linear and it will work on a Token Collection System, where players will collect tokens and use them to make their own path through the battlepass which will now be a web.

Additionally, drones will now be customizable and drone skins will be obtainable through the battlepass and upcoming events (and later on through the shop as well).

Another customization feature that will be introduced is team colour customization now also changing the colour of lasers, cameras, operator gadgets, alarms, elite skin elements and so on.

Reputation System

Players will be getting rewards (or punishments) based on the status of their reputation . The rewards will take the form of additional Renown or XP, Alpha Packs and Boosters. On the other hand, punishments will be executed through Renown and XP reduction, lower chances of good items in Alpha Packs and a ban from Ranked, Unranked and the Test Server.

Ubisoft The reputation system has proven to be effective so far The reputation system has proven to be effective so far

Balancing and QoA Changes

A very notable change is the adjustment of all movement speeds while ADS to be the same (that of a 3-armour operator). This was done to fight rushing players and even the playing ground for everyone, making the game more about skill than speed.

A lot of operators have had their movement speeds changed to suit their playstyle more. All operators with movement speed changes can be found here .

Capitao, Zofia and all operators carrying a gadget that has two or more modes have been given the ability to switch between these modes without having their gadgets equipped.

The Shooting Range has been updated to now have a "shooting record" that will keep track of all weapons and attachments that have been tested along with how the player performed with these weapons and attachments. The player will also have the option to compare their performance with different weapons, so they could see which weapon suits them the best.

Now, both the bomb site and defuser icons will be visible at all times regardless of whether or not the attackers are carrying the defuser or have dropped it somewhere.

Lastly, friendly fire has been removed from the preparation phase in an attempt to decrease team killing and allow the players to fully focus on setting up their sites without having to worry about taking any damage in the process.

Console and Controller Changes

The movement speed from side to side has been fixed and adjusted for all drones (Twitch and Echo included). Previously, players who use controllers have come across the issue where the movement speed of their drones (from side to side) has been significantly slower than the forward/backward movement speed.

There has been a new Road map update. Cross-play and cross-progression between Playstation and Xbox consoles will now be available along with voice communication between the players (this setting will be enabled by default but can be disabled).

Lastly, controller users will get the chance to access advanced controller settings that will feature more customization in regard to sensitivity (both ADS and normal).

All of these changes will be going live on Rainbow Six Siege on December 6 and players can test out Solis right now over on the Test Server.


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