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Rainbow Six Siege's Zero gets a cool community rework concept

Published: 01:10, 20 December 2022
Updated: 14:40, 20 December 2022
Sam Fisher joining Team Rainbow was a very exciting moment for the community
Sam Fisher joining Team Rainbow was a very exciting moment for the community

While the community waits for any new content for Rainbow Six Siege, it tends to think of its own concepts as well. Sometimes these concepts, either map or operator reworks,  make it into the game.

The developers of Rainbow Six Siege have recently started listening to the community a lot more than they used to when it comes to tweaks, nerfs and buffs.

With the start of R6Fix, addressing issues became much easier, and Ubisoft managed to tackle more specific bugs and glitches . When it comes to reworks, they never shied away from taking fan-made ideas into consideration. 

Many map reworks (like the one to Coastline) were strictly fan-made and have improved the user experience on that map by a lot. But what about operator reworks?

While operator reworks based on ideas from fans aren't really that common, they aren't strictly excluded either. This Zero rework was made by StepBroLone and Aqua and it is made to reflect Zero's original lore.

Ubisoft Zero's utility is currently very underwhelming Zero's utility is currently very underwhelming

The game Zero, better known as Sam Fisher, originates from Tom Clancey's Splinter Cell and in that game he is more of an infiltrator than a special operator.

The new concept changes his Argus Launcher's ability from shooting cameras to shooting EMP grenades that specifically turn the lights off. 

While this might seem like a very unfair advantage that would make Zero just slightly overpowered, an interesting balance to him would be turning the 3 lights on his head on so the defenders could still see him once he pushes in.

The operators that could potentially counter him are Warden, Solis, and Pulse and another thing that could make a big impact is the day/night cycle if it ever made a return to the game.


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