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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Solar Raid CGI Trailer preview

Published: 00:09, 19 November 2022
All of the icons are the gadgets Solis will be able to counter
All of the icons are the gadgets Solis will be able to counter

The anticipation for the full reveal of the new season is high and it's only a matter of days until we get all of the details. The Invitationals are hosted in Sweden and this article contains the first official reveal of the new operator, Solis.

Ubisoft released a CGI trailer for the newest season of Rainbow Six Siege called Solar Raid. The season will feature a brand new operator called Solis .

While all of the details about Solis will be released on November 21, the previous trailers have given us a peek at what her loadout looks like and it seems that Yäger Himself was right all along. 

Her loadout was shown in the teaser video for the Singapore Nighthaven Base map  where Solis can be seen roaming around and searching for enemies. 

As mentioned in her first leak back in October, she will be equipped with Rokk and Doc's P90, Mira's ITA12L Shotgun and the SAS SMG-11. And her gadget will be able to scan drones and those using them, breaching charges, claymores, and the defuser.

Now, Rainbow Six Siege veterans started questioning in what situation would Solis be a must-have operator and how exactly will she compete with operators like Pulse. 

Pulse can see everything that has a heartbeat and he is also equipped with a C4, Solis can only see electronics and the utility she will be bringing are either impact grenades or a bulletproof camera.

While the community has already pinpointed her role to be that of an intel-gatherer, it'll be hard for her to get a spot for herself in most rosters as there are other intel-gathering operators who do it better.


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