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Rainbow Six Siege - New Nighthaven map revealed

Published: 02:00, 10 November 2022
Updated: 01:35, 12 November 2022
Is it just me or does this look awfully a lot like Coastline and Skyscraper in one?
Is it just me or does this look awfully a lot like Coastline and Skyscraper in one?

Rainbow Six Siege is finally getting a brand new map (No, it's not another rework or a rebrand of an old map). Will the community like it or will it become another Emerald Plains?

After 3 long years, Ubisoft is finally introducing a brand new map into Rainbow Six Siege (No, we do not count Emerald Plains as a new map since everyone knows it's just a rebranded Bartlet University).

In the final season of Year 7, the  Nighthaven team will be bringing their Singapore base onto the Rainbow Six playground and all of the remaining content will be revealed on November 21 on Ubisoft's official Youtube channel. 

At first glance, the map seems like a combination of Coastline, Stadium and Skyscraper. It seems relatively small and it might not be the competitive community's first choice (their reaction to the Favela and Outback rework as well as the introduction of Emerald Plains and Stadium Bravo to ranked was not that positive).

The overall design has a very high resemblance to something out of Halo  and the small size of the map does hint at it potentially being defender-sided but the very flat roof could balance this out and offer the attackers more room for tactical strategies to play around either through vertical angles or hatches.

Throughout the clip, the new operator Solis can be shown lurking around, it seems like the leaks were right once again!


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