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Rainbow Six Siege mid season patch: New Reputation Penalty and long awaited bug fixes

Published: 08:47, 19 October 2022
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Year 7 Season 3 is already halfway done and as usual, the mid-season patch notes are here with something different and new. The bugs that are very well-known to the community are now fixed.

Ubisoft has been mentioning a "Reputation Penalty" for a few seasons now. And Year 7 Season 3 is finally seeing hints of this feature in the mid-season patch.

The competitive nature of Rainbow Six Siege has been known to bring out the worst in its players and they tend to be very vocal about it.

The developers have continuously mentioned the reputation system working in the background and now it is in its final stages. The system has monitored the players in the last weeks and has been focusing on if players display rage through chat. 

The reputation penalty will give the players a chance to get accustomed to its ways through warnings and notifications that the player's activity is not appropriate. 

Once a certain amount of time has passed, the reputation penalty will stop warning the players and their actions will have consequences,  players who have sent too many hateful or abusive text chats will receive the abusive text chat penalty which will be active on their account for 30 matches.

Players can find the Reputation section on their menu screen and it currently displays information about a player's active penalties and their remaining duration. As the Reputation system evolves, this section will update to display more information about a player's Reputation as well as active penalties.

Ubisoft Grim, the latest siege operator, I hope the least Grim, the latest siege operator, I hope the least

Lastly, Rainbow Six Siege has introduced some very long-awaited fixes to the bugs that the majority of players have experienced. While these bugs were not game-breaking, they were definitely a pain to deal with:

  • FIXED - Dot reticle remains on screen if the player aims down sights multiple times at once.
  • FIXED - Barricades are still visible after being destroyed if the player is joining a match in progress.
  • FIXED - Unmoved hostage eliminated by Goyo's Volcan Shield will be attributed to the one detonating it.
  • FIXED - Crosshair Occasionally missing after spawning.

It is important to mention that these are not the only bugs fixed in the mid-season but definitely the most well-known ones.


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