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Rainbow Six Siege- What to expect in Year 7 Season 4

Published: 23:46, 04 November 2022
Updated: 23:47, 04 November 2022
The full road map of the year 2022
The full road map of the year 2022

Sweden Majors are a few weeks away and the community is eager to see everything that Rainbow Six Siege's developers have in store. The hopes are high as Brutal Swarm was labelled the most uneventful season since Operation Health.

As the Rainbow Six Siege Invitationals are approaching, the community is starting to ask questions about the final season of Year 7. Ubisoft tends to fully reveal everything that is to expect in the new season as well as its official release date during the majors, this year being held in Sweden.

The mid-season road map update has been updated and here is what is confirmed to be released or delayed in Year 7 Season 4:

1. As usual, the new season will introduce a new operator. The operator of Y7S4 will be hailing from Columbia and her name is Solis .

2. The developers have heard the community and have promised to release a brand new competitive map. The map is said to be Nighthaven 's base, located on a remote island in Singapore.

3. After 7 long years, Cross-play and Cross-progression will finally be implemented so those who have played Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox or Playstation and have decided to switch to PC (the superior platform ) can transfer all of their collected items and currency with ease. As long as they use the same account.

Ubisoft Now you wont have to worry about not having your unicorn Tachanka on your second gaming platform Now you won't have to worry about not having your unicorn Tachanka on your second gaming platform

4. The most exciting feature to be introduced with the new season is Ranked 2.0. Ranked 2.0 will put all of the players into the lowest rank in the game and make them work up to the rank they want to be (Similar to Rocket League). Players will not be able to de-rank but they will get less and less MMR the more they play, eventually placing themselves in the rank they deserve. 

5. Just like every season, the new season will feature an event aside from the Road to SI. Sadly, the permanent Arcade mode has been pushed back and will not be introduced before Year 8.

6. Lastly, the reputation system will enter its final stages and will start punishing those who abuse voice chat. Aside from that, it will also start labelling the toxic players and rewarding the team players with skins or alpha packs.


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