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Rainbow Six Siege - New Maverick NieR Replicant Elite Skin

Published: 18:55, 16 November 2022
Updated: 09:27, 01 December 2022

Attention all cosmetics lovers! Ubisoft is giving Maverick a brand new crossover elite skin. Maverick join Ash, Lion and Zofia as the fourth operator to pay tribute to an iconic game. This time it is NieR Replicant.

Ubisoft is showing Maverick players some love and giving the member of the Ghosteyes squad his second elite skin. The skin enthusiasts have deemed his first elite skin as one of the least-liked elite skins in Rainbow Six Siege .

His second elite skin pays tribute to the main character of the NieR Replicant game. For those who are fans, this skin sure does come as an early Christmas present, but for those who are not in that genre, it might be a little disappointing.

The bundle naturally consists of a primary weapon skin, a secondary weapon skin, a gadget skin, a unique charm, a full operator outfit and an MVP animation. 

During this reveal, the players cannot see the MVP animation or the gadget skin but that comes as no surprise as this is a trend that Ubisoft has been following since the introduction of elite crossovers.

Ubisoft Nier: Replicant easily overtakes Hotshot Welder Nier: Replicant easily overtakes Hotshot Welder

In the trailer, the players can see the primary and secondary weapon skins (and would you look at that, it's another gold skin) and, sadly, they are relatively similar to the skins that we have seen multiple times before, either as battlepass rewards or seasonal skins. 

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Is the NieR Replicant skin better than Maverick's Hotshot Welder skin? Yes, everything is better than Hotshot Welder.


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