All operators who are part of Rainbow Six Siege's Wolfguard squad

Published: 23:35, 14 November 2022
Updated: 23:38, 14 November 2022
Wolfguard was creatd to counter everything Nighthaven does
Wolfguard was creatd to counter everything Nighthaven does

When asked what the Wolfguard squad is about, Doc said “To be of service is why so many of us are dedicated to what we do.” This article contains the list of all humanitarian operators of Rainbow Six Siege and why they were chosen for Wolfguard.

The first squad introduced into the new lore of Rainbow Six Siege  is Wolfguard. This squad consists of the "protectors" of those who cannot protect themselves. 

The new lore is going in the direction of a fight between the selfless, Team Rainbow (which now has squads tackling different humanitarian missions) and the selfish,  Nighthaven (the corporation working for the highest bidder).

So, who did Ubisoft deem as worthy enough to be the fighters of the people?

1. Doc

He has been chosen as the leader of  Wolfguard due to being the biggest and most respected humanitarian of Team Rainbow.

2. Thunderbird 

The only other healer on defence will naturally align with the ideas of Wolfguard.

3. Montagne

He was one of the two operators who was sent by Doc to pick up Sens and his shield (naturally) is a means of protection.

4. Melusi

Melusi's determination to protect the water reserves back in South Africa has been reflected in her gadget. She can push back enemies without even raising her weapon.

5. Sens

Sens' gadget can regain control of the battlefield and make the enemies reconsider pulling the trigger. Doc believes that this is exactly what Wolfguard needs.

6. Castle

His gadget speaks for him and his benevolence. He has based his whole presence on protecting his team and putting them above himself.

7. Clash

She went from a protestor to a policeman and her shield was specifically made to be a nonlethal tool that will de-escalate situations.

Ubisoft Sens planning the extraction of the Architect Sens planning the extraction of the Architect

8. Bandit

His ability to be compassionate and control the crowd without being too affected by anything is a great quality to have when in situations where preserving life is the #1 goal.

9. Frost

Her traps never had the purpose of killing but rather pinning enemies down so they no longer pose a threat.

10. Lion

His mistakes in the past have motivated him to become the biggest humanitarian he can possibly be, to try to fix what was already done. Wolfguard has given him that chance to redeem himself.

11. Twitch

The second operator was sent to pick up Sens as well as rescue a Nighthaven employee that had information about where the Nighthaven base is hidden.

12. Ying

Her close protection training along with a gadget that has the purpose of strictly disorienting made her the perfect pic for Wolfguard.

13. Nomad

Her tools were made with the idea of pushing enemies back without harming them and that idea is exactly what landed her in Wolfguard.


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