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Rainbow Six Siege - Is Blackbeard getting a rework?

Published: 23:01, 16 December 2022
Blackbeard definitelly needs a rework, he deserves it
Blackbeard definitelly needs a rework, he deserves it

There is a certain indicator as to what operators will get nerfed, buffed or simply reworked. It appears that Blackbeard's low presence in both casual and ranked matches has caught the eye of Ubisoft and a rework might be coming.

When it comes to the content creators who cover Rainbow Six Siege content, there are a few who are loved by the whole community.

The content creator who doesn't even post his own gameplay but instead shows the highlights of other people's games and, most importantly, leaks everything that is coming to Rainbow Six Siege is Jager Himself Too. 

Jager Himself Too introduced Solis before she was even announced, he showed the community all of the upcoming elite skins, including Iana's Nier: Automata skin  and Flores' Assassin's Creed skin .

Now, Jager Himself Too is hinting at a potential Blackbeard rework with his newest video. 

This comes as no surprise considering that Blackbeard is one of the least-picked operators in the game due to the multiple nerfs he has gone through. 

Ubisoft What players saw moments before they realized they had just lost a 1v1 What players saw moments before they realized they had just lost a 1v1

On launch, his shield had 900HP and was unbreakable. Headshotting him was simply impossible. After his first nerf, Blackbeard was still a very popular pick as he was able to hold angles that were usually impossible to be held due to the shield still being too strong.

The developers then decided to nerf his guns in an attempt to balance him out but that didn't work and he still dominated the meta.

Then the developers went back to nerfing his shield and reduced its health to 50HP per shield (he has two of those) and even then he was a must-have in every team.

The last nail in his coffin was the final nerf that reduced the shield health to 20HP and made Blackbeard slower when he had the shield equipped on his gun.

This nerf was so harsh that it completely erased Blackbeard not only from the meta but also from the game and put him at the bottom of the list when it comes to pick rates.

Based on previous experiences, this will not be the case for long as the developers strive to have all of the operators in the "golden middle" and all operators that are outside of bounds either get reworked or nerfed (Finka, Zofia, Jager, Goyo and many others are a perfect example of this).


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