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Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4: New Operator Solis release date and first images leaked

Published: 07:48, 25 October 2022
Updated: 12:35, 25 October 2022
The new operator looks like she means trouble
The new operator looks like she means trouble

The new operator is going to be a defender named Solis. It will be interesting to see how she will be utilized in both the low and the high ranks and how (or if) she will affect the current meta.

The current season of Rainbow Six Siege is now halfway done and leaks of the new operator, coming in Year 7 Season 4 which is speculated to be released roughly around December 14 (to be confirmed at the Sweden Majors), are surfacing from sources who have proven to be reliable (Jaeger himself too and, the now-banned, zerOBytes). 

According to Ubisoft 's road map, the final operator, named Solis, is set to be from Colombia. The operator is going to be a defender with a gadget similar to the gadget of one of the legacy operators, IQ. 

According to the information leaked so far, Solis' device will be activated in a similar way as Warden's Glance Smart Glasses and it will have the same purpose as IQ's RED Mk III "Spectre".

The operator in her current state (considering the meta) does not seem like she will be the first choice for many players but there is some potential behind her. She will be able to scan drones and those using them, breaching charges, claymores, and the defuser

Jager himself too Youtube Channel Jager himself is one of the most trustworthy youtubers in the Rainbow Six Siege community Jager himself is one of the most trustworthy YouTubers in the Rainbow Six Siege community

According to the leaks, she will be a two-speed, two-armour defender equipped with an option between Rook and Doc's P90, Mira's ITA12L Shotgun and the SAS SMG-11. Her gadget options will be an impact grenade or a bulletproof camera. This loadout is where her potential lies.

Being equipped with two high-fire-rate guns, she might become what Alibi is in the current meta - A heavy-hitting wild card with no other purpose other than to eliminate attackers and strike fear into them.

It is important to take all of this information with a grain of salt as falsely informing leaks are a common occurrence in the community. 

With more than a month left to the current season, a lot of changes and adjustments to Solis should be expected based on her performance on the Rainbow Six Siege test server.


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