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Rainbow Six Siege - Which Operators will get the new speed-armour adjustments?

Published: 02:33, 13 November 2022
Wamai and Valkyrie testing out their speed and endurance infront of everyone

The developers of Rainbow Six Siege are taking a different approach to balancing the game. The guns will stay untouched and the speed-armour stats will get adjusted. This article contains all of the operators that will be affected.

Jäger Himself has released yet another leak for the new season . Ubisoft  has decided to adjust the  Rainbow Six Siege  team's health and speed stats and while this change might come as a massive nerf to most of the affected operators, it might not necessarily be a bad thing.

The developers will be reworking the one-speed, three-armour stats in the form of a buff (The overall movement speed of all operators will be readjusted and balanced out).

The attacking operators that will be affected by this change are the following:

Sledge , Thatcher, Zofia and Osa (previously two-speed, two-armour) will now be adjusted to be one-speed, three-armour operators.

Dokkaebi, Zero and Sens will be going in the opposite direction from their chunky teammates and will switch from having two-speed, two-armour to three-speed, one-armour stats.

Jaeger Himself Too How exatly will these changes affect the game? How exactly will these changes affect the game?

The defending operators that will be affected by this change are the following:

Melusi (originally three-speed, one-armour), Mute and Aruni (both originally two-speed, two-armour) are all going to become three-speed, one-armour operators.

Echo (originally one-speed, three-armour), Ela and Thunderbird (both originally three-speed, one-armour) are all going to become two-speed, two-armour operators.


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