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Rainbow Six Siege - Patch Y7S4.1 brings minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Published: 23:33, 15 December 2022
Updated: 10:10, 16 December 2022
Don't worry, nobody got nerfed (yet)
Don't worry, nobody got nerfed (yet)

A few weeks after the launch of Solar Raid, Ubisoft released a set of bug fixes and patches. Most of the issues are related to Solis and the new map but they have all been addressed and fixed.

Aside from launching a brand new Flores Elite skin , Ubisoft has launched a sneaky patch that mainly focuses on fixing bugs and improving the player experience in Rainbow Six Siege .

This is everything that was fixed with the patch:


FIXED - Electricity VFX is not visible on deployable shields, reinforced walls and hatches.

FIXED - Players are able to see through barricades while picking up a deployable gadget.


FIXED - Various gaps on Consulate that were allowing the attackers to see inside the building.

FIXED - Various LOD issues on Nighthaven Labs.

FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on various maps.


FIXED - Solis' hands go into an animation loop after cancelling the Megascan.

FIXED - Solis' SPEC-IO loses functionality when Solis reactivates SPEC-IO after a Megascan at the end of the gauge.

FIXED - Solis' hands remain frozen when vaulting while SPEC-IO is active.

FIXED - Hibana's X-Kairos pellets are not destroyed if they are placed on a Kiba barrier and the Kiba barrier gets destroyed.

FIXED - Various operator VFX issues.

Ubisoft Solis is singlehandedly bringing life back into Siege Solis is singlehandedly bringing life back into Siege


FIXED - Xbox players cannot invite cross-generation.

FIXED - No notifications are present in the game when the player is presented with the cinematic that plays on the first boot.

FIXED - Grim is missing from the U+ accounts.

FIXED - Various UI issues.

FIXED - Various Battlepass V2 issues.

FIXED - Various crossplay issues.

FIXED - Various localization issues.

FIXED - Various shop and customization issues.

FIXED - Can't reconnect to an online Custom Game after leaving the session and attempting to re-join.

It appears that none of these issues was gamebreaking but it is good that the team is working on fixing them nonetheless. Additionally, it is important to mention that reporting any bugs or issues over at R6Fix does give the players some very nice rewards in the form of Renown and Alpha Packs.


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