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Rainbow Six Siege - Ghosteyes squad revealed, battlepass rework and more

Published: 21:23, 14 November 2022
Updated: 09:25, 01 December 2022
This reveal is one of the best squad reveals so far
This reveal is one of the best squad reveals so far

Year 7 Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege is going to bring a lot of new, thrilling content. The introduction of Ranked 2.0, the battlepass rework, drone skins, a new squad, adjustments to the preparation phase as well as the ranked map pool changes have the community very excited.

Ubisoft has decided to surprise the community with a new teaser video on their Youtube channel. 2 seasons ago, the Rainbow Six Siege lore took a new direction, it went from a few teams playing in a tournament to multiple squads fighting against Nighthaven .

So far we have the Nighthaven team, the Wolfguard squad and now the Ghosteyes squad. Nighthaven is a militia driven by money, Wolfguard is a team focused on providing support and Ghosteyes seems to be a team of operators who hide in the shadows.

What can be spotted in the video is the unique gadgets of Mozzie, Lesion, Caveira, Maverick, Zero, Flores, Nokk , Vigil, and the latest operator, Solis .

According to the narrative, all of these operators share the same purpose: Locate their enemies without exposing themselves and liquidate them, no matter where they are. 

So far, the only mention of this team is through small easter eggs in the game. The logo can be spotted in the Y7S3 battlepass on Nokk's outfit and as her phone screen in-game when she switches onto a drone.

Ubisoft Caveira is set to be the leader of this squad Caveira is set to be the leader of this squad

With Ranked 2.0, there is speculation that the battlepass will also be getting a rework. The battlepass will switch from a tier levelling system to a grid system similar to that of Fortnite where the players will get a chance to choose their rewards and create their own path towards a wanted item.

Additionally, Favela will be removed from Ranked in the upcoming season (finally) and it'll be replaced with the  Nighthaven base

The preparation phase will now be a safe zone as friendly fire will be disabled during this period. Many players think that this is due to high toxicity levels and pregame teamkills but it is actually to prevent site preparation from affecting the players and their health bars. 

Lastly, Ubisoft has decided that it'll be a good idea to give the drones their own unique skins (because who doesn't want a gold-plated or neon-pink drone?). Personally, as an in-game cosmetic enthusiast and someone who will spend money on flashy skins, I am looking forward to this.


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