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First look at Valorant's Oni 2.0 skin bundle

Published: 21:38, 31 October 2022
In the modern era, Oni are sometimes depicted as protectors instead of as evil
In the modern era, Oni are sometimes depicted as protectors instead of as evil

They say that skins give players their skill. While the validity of that statement is questionable, one thing is for sure. Valorant is getting another reworked version of a fan-favourite skin. 

If you are anything like the Altchar writers, then you absolutely love skins! And no other developer does skins and cosmetics better than Riot .

Both League of Legends  and Valorant are constantly keeping their market fresh and our wallets empty with all of the amazing 2022 bundle releases (The blub blub is the best Vandal skin, prove us wrong). 

This time they are releasing the second batch of skins that were too good to be released for only a few weapon types. After the release of Ion 2.0, the Oni 2.0 is coming to the market and this time you can get it for the Vandal. 

The release trailer (Designed by Vegod and voiced by Dramatic) features a reworked Red Oni with black details and green eyes, a white Ani with black details and red eyes and lastly a very attractive all-pink Oni with white smoke. These skins will be available for the Vandal only (Rip Phantom fans).

The Oni 2.0 bundle will also feature a melee weapon which will be a very sleek katana. The katana is bound to make any buy phase that much more entertaining, especially for the players who spend the whole 30 seconds just hitting the barrier (why do they even do that, why don't they explore the map a little, or check their phone, they could even touch some grass?).

The release date of the bundle is unknown so make sure to keep an eye out for it in the market as this is a bundle you wouldn't want to miss!


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