The Devil in Me - Where to find all of Du'Met's business cards

Published: 23:44, 05 December 2022
All five of the business cards have a different profession on them
All five of the business cards have a different profession on them

The business cards do not alter the story in any way. They are just another detail for the players to pay attention to while exploring the map and trying to keep all of the characters alive. This is where all 5 cards are located.

Granthem Du'met is the main villain of the Devil in Me and the thing he enjoy's doing the most is toying with his guests. He has scattered a total of 5 business cards across the whole island for the team to find and this is where they are located.

1. Found in the hallway after Charlie scolds Erin for losing his cigarettes. The players will leave the room and go right, and then turn left twice. They will come across a dead-end that has a dresser on the right. The first business card is right behind the dresser.

2. Found in the main lobby by Jamie and Charlie once they go looking for Du'Met. The card can be found on the ground floor next to the couch. The players should make a U-turn as soon as they go downstairs in order to find it.

Devil in Me The card located in the main lobby says "designer" The card located in the main lobby says "designer"

3. Found by Jamie and Mark in the pool building once they fall through the floor and get separated from Kate . It is located at the end of the hallway on the right (at the dead end).

4. Found by Mike and Charlie once Mike gives Charlie his lighter back. The players will squeeze through the fence and walk towards the middle tree (one closest to the house). The card is on the left side of the tree.

5. Found by Mike once the players enter the lighthouse. The card will be located left of the armchair in the back left corner of the bedroom.


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