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Valorant - Why are Fade and Brimstone in the Range?

Published: 02:09, 08 December 2022
Updated: 02:12, 08 December 2022
Fade is rapidly getting more and more lore
Fade is rapidly getting more and more lore

The Range is the first place where players go to see all of the updates to Valorant's lore. This time, the Range is visited not only by  Cypher but also by Fade and Brimstone and Killjoy's alarm bot.

Riot is well known for its ability to craft unique background stories for its games and characters. With Patch 5.12 going live on Valorant , the range has become the resting spot for many new agents but also a piece of an agent's utility.

Cypher is still standing in front of his office and everything seems normal. If players switch to Killjoy, an alarm bot will appear next to Cypher and Fade will be seen standing right outside. 

A little easter egg is that if the player places another alarm bot next to the one at the range, the alarm bots will interact. Once the players step outside, they will see Fade staring at the pinboard and the players may continue downstairs to the offices where Brimstone will be waiting.

Now, Brimstone's presence is not that big of a surprise as it is his office and the laptop in front of him could hint at why he is there. But why is Fade there? Fade's information-gathering skills could potentially be the answer. 

Valorant Hub So nice of Brim to give everyone time to rest So nice of Brim to give everyone time to rest

The team (Astra, Harbor and Skye) are all currently looking for the lost city and are very close to finding it. Fade is very proficient with intel gathering and that is probably why Brimstone wanted her to assist him and the team in this mission. She is probably looking at the pinboard in an attempt to find any clues or links to the lost city.

Both the laptop in Cypher's office and the phone in Brimstone's office have voice notes of Skye on the battlefield with Harbour and Astra, the laptop in Cypher's office plays a lot of worrisome sounds that implied that something bad had happened to them but the voice note on the phone reassures the players that everything is okay.

Lastly, the email on Brimstone's computer informs all of the agents that are not involved in the current mission that they are free and off duty and to use this time to rest up and prepare for upcoming missions. This is probably why Brimstone himself is at the range.


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