The Devil in Me - All 13 picture locations

Published: 23:13, 05 December 2022
Collecting all 13 pictures will reward the players with 2 achievements
Collecting all 13 pictures will reward the players with 2 achievements

In order to make it easier for the player in a game where every choice matters, pictures that give what the consequences are for certain choices can be found. There are 13 pictures and here is where to find them.

The Devil in Me gives the players a chance to see what choices are crucial for the survival of all of the characters. In Little Hope it was postcards, here it's pictures and finding all of them gives the players a few achievements .

1. Found by Mark and Charlie in the abandoned house on top of the cliff before they go to the Murder Castle. To be specific, it is on the hard right wall in the kitchen. It shows the crew's death if they miss the skill check when jumping off the boat in the endgame. 

2. Found by Jamie and Kate in the destroyed shack right from the gondola. The players need to climb over a wall and a few obstacles in order to enter it. The picture shows Jamie turning a chair and seeing the deformed old lady.

3. Found by Charlie in the bar. The players need to stick to the wall on the left and the picture will be at the end of it. This picture shows Charlie in the furnace.

4. Found by Mark as he and Kate look for a spot to take her picture. Once the players go up a set of stairs, there will be a dead-end hallway, at the end of it on the right will be a picture showing the lighthouse, Erin and Charlie in the endgame.

5. Found by Erin  as she investigates the disembodied cries. It can be found if the players take a left turn twice once in the hallway. It shows Erin's death in the trap room.

6. Found by Charlie and Jamie in the main lobby once the power has been shut off. Once the players go down the stairs, they can head over to the left corner of the room and the picture will be placed on the floor, right from the table. It shows Du'Met killing Charlie with a hook.

Devil in Me Charlie finds a black framed picture and it shows a secret called "Cured" Charlie finds a black framed picture and it shows a secret called "Cured"

7. Found by Mark in the basement after he had successfully avoided Du'Met. It is located in the right corner right before the room with the TV where players can enter different passcodes The picture shows Kate being frightened by Mark's face.

8. Found by Jamie in the room behind the mirror. The picture is located on the left wall and it shows Jamie being crushed.

9. Found by Kate once she opens the passcode-protected door in the bedroom of Morello.  It is located on the hard left and it shows Jamie and Du'Met fighting outside.

10. Found by Jamie as she explores the unfinished rooms while searching for Du'Met. Once the player leaves the unfinished room where a coin can be found, take a right and then a left turn and a picture will be hanging on the left wall. It shows Mark suffocating in the end game.

11. Found in the maze by either Kate or Jamie at one of the dead ends, it is on the floor so watch out for it. It shows Du'Met with an axe at the log cabin.

12. Found by Mark in the building by the pool. It is located above the table on the hard right in the room at the end of the hallway (the room that has a door that requires a key in order to proceed into the next area). It shows Du'Met pushing Mark onto an axe in the endgame.

13. Found by Charlie in the house with the hanging bodies. Climb onto the planks outside the house and go to the right, there will be an open window. Once the players climb in, the picture will be hanging on the wall in front of them. It shows a teaser for the next Dark Anthologies game.


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