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Valorant - First look at the new Abyssal Skin Bundle

Published: 19:57, 17 November 2022
Updated: 20:00, 17 November 2022
It's really cool that the skins look like sharks
It's really cool that the skins look like sharks

This design choice for the new skins is interesting considering that not much time has passed since the release of the Blub Blub (The Neptune) bundle and both of these bundles are inspired by the sea and everything that lives in it.

For all of you skin junkies out there (myself included), we got big news! Riot is releasing another set of skins for Valorant  and it's called the Abyssal.

The Abyssal skins are set to launch sometime shortly after the Give Back bundle  and they will not have any finishers or upgrades. The skin will be available for the Phantom, the Guardian, the Spectre, the Sheriff, and (of course) it'll feature a melee option as well.

Given that the Blub Blub bundle offers at least a black version of the skin, it's highly unlikely that it'll be surpassed by the Abyssal. Aside from that, the Abyssal bundle offers a skin for the Phantom, the less favoured main gun of the game while the Neptune offers a skin for the Vandal.

The only thing that might make the Abyssal a favourable pick is the price of the items, individually and as a bundle. It is set to be priced 1275VP for the gun skins, 2550VP for the melee and 5100 for the whole thing.

While the price is considerably lower than that of other bundles, 5100VP does convert to roughly 50€. Should Riot consider lowering the prices of in-game cosmetics or are these normal and acceptable? (Personally, if it increases my in-game performance, I'm buying)


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