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The Division 2 free weekend: date and how to join

Published: 02:42, 17 May 2023
Massive Entertainment
The Division 2 is free to play for a while
The Division 2 is free to play for a while

Ubisoft is hosting a free weekend for The Division 2 as the looter shooter struggles with retaining the player base.

The Division 2 initially started off strong, learning from the lessons of the first game but Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment didn't manage to keep the momentum and now the game is still struggling to attract new players.

One of those attempts is the free weekend which will run from May 18 (6:00 PM UTC) to 25 (8:00 AM UTC), 2023.

Preloading is live on all available platforms and progress made during the free period will be carried over but there is a caveat.

On consoles, just go to your respective store, search for The Division 2 and click Try Free Demo on the store page to start the journey.

On PC, you can go to Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games Store and start the download there. As you probably noticed, there is no mention of Steam, so if this is the platform you wanted to play the game on, you are out of luck.

The aforementioned progress you can make in the game will carry over but it is also tied to the Ubisoft or Epic Games account you made it with so Steam is being left out of any potential sales that will happen as a result of the free week.

The Division 2 arrived to Steam only recently and not being on the platform is probably one of the reasons why it didn't reach a bigger audience over the years but it doesn't seem like Ubisoft learned from previous mistakes.


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