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Ubisoft announces a new The Division 2 game mode

Published: 07:52, 31 March 2022
Massive Entertainment
The Division 2 - Season 8 is coming in 2022
The Division 2 - Season 8 is coming in 2022

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are about to reveal a new game mode for The Division 2 but it's all currently hush-hush, until the public test server goes live.

Developers of The Division 2 will push out something apparently mysterious on the PTS soon but thanks to earlier leaks, it's possible fans already know what it is. The PTS preload will begin on March 31, 2022, at 4:00 PM CEST / 3:00 PM BST / 7:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM EST but the players won't be able to access it until April 1, 2022, at 11:00 AM CEST / 10:00 AM BST / 2:00 AM PST / 5:00 AM EST.

The announcement stated the focus of the PTS will be testing out a new game mode but there was no elaboration on what it might be or anything else for that matter.

However, the fans are suspecting the testing might have something to do with Heartland, the upcoming battle royale in The Division setting. As a reminder, the first Division had a really good battle royale mode, Survival, that didn't really take off as it was confined to the game that is normally a looter shooter.

It was previously announced that Heartland might be standalone but it remains to be seen if some degree of integration with The Division 2 will happen. 

Reddit The Division Heartland leak The Division Heartland leak

Technically, neither Ubisoft nor Massive stated the new game mode on PTS is actually Heartland but with the lack of other announcements for TD2, chances are the fans are right.

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