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Rainbow Six Siege balance changes in Y8S2

Published: 09:26, 15 May 2023
Grim, the latest siege operator, I hope the least
Grim, the latest siege operator, I hope the least

Defenders are getting some major buffs in the next season of Rainbow Six Siege but a certain attackers is also getting some love.

Ubisoft announced that the next balance pass will mostly focus on improving the quality of life for defenders as they will get a new gadget along with operator buffs.

That said, attackers have not been forgotten either as Grim will see some much-needed improvements since he fell off, compared to the rest of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Mainly, his gadget will be changed to apply the effects more easily. As soon as the projectile sticks to the surface, it will release the bees which will have increased duration and AoE.

Additionally, Grim's secondary weapon will become the Bailiff 410, which excels at environmental damage.

Meanwhile, defenders are getting a whole new gadget - the observation blocker. It can be deployed like a mobile cover but it doesn't prevent bullets nor operators from moving through it.

Instead, the gadget behaves like a two-way mirror, providing the user with vision to the other side while those caught on the other end will mostly see just a wall of smoke.

Defenders with the gadget will have three charges so you can expect to see them popping up across most of the map.

Counterplay involves destroying the observation blockers with bullets, explosions or hacking them with Brava.


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