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The Division 2 February title update and event get delayed

Published: 04:09, 15 December 2021
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The Division 2 - Season 8 is coming in 2022
The Division 2 - Season 8 is coming in 2022

Ubisoft enraged The Division 2 player base as they announced a delay for the next title update that was supposed to refresh the stale game.

Video game development was undoubtedly slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic but The Division 2 hasn't had enough new content even by the lowered standards lately, which left the fans yearning for more. A glimmer of hope appeared in October 2021, when Ubisoft announced a massive title update slated for February 2022 but this newfound joy was not meant to be.

The eagerly-awaited title update has been pushed back further into 2022 alongside the apparel event that was supposed to be happening around the same time. Furthermore, the PTS content will also be pushed back as the testing phase apparently doesn't need the extra time that would otherwise be available if the test server got the content as planned.

Considering this was probably the biggest addition fans were looking forward to, it's highly likely disillusioned players won't be around long enough to wait for the new content in an otherwise stale game.

Re-running previous events is probably out of the question as they have been rehashed so many times that the players immediately started memeing about them in the replies to the announcement.

With all that in mind, it's worth remembering that The Division 2 doesn't have any sort of subscription model so just dropping it until the update comes along may not be a bad idea. It will prevent burning out on content you may not find fun any longer and keep you fresh for the new things to come.

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