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The Division 2 is getting PS5 and XSX improvements soon

Published: 02:03, 28 January 2021
The Division 2
The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment haven't revealed any The Division 2 novelties for a while now but at least they let slip that the game is getting the next-gen upgrade soon.

The Division 2 is getting next-gen treatment on February 2, 2021. This information is coming from Ubisoft's community manager, Johan, who chimed in when a content creator asked whether there would be a State of the Game show this week.

Unfortunately, SotG is not happening but at least the console players are getting some good news. The next-gen upgrade will include 4K 60 FPS support which is quite nice itself but it remains to be seen whether lower resolutions will manage to squeeze out higher frame rates.

Besides the next-gen upgrade, the Resident Evil Apparel Event will start on the same day. As a reminder, you will be able to earn several iconic outfits, such as those of HUNK, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Rebeca Chambers.

Leon's RPD outfit will be available for free and you can get it by simply logging in between the event's start and finish. The others will either be acquired through the loot boxes, which you can either earn through grinding or purchase with premium currency.

Johan also mentioned that the Optimisation Station will be rebalanced but didn't reveal the details.

We are still witnessing a drought of Jill sandwich references.

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