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Destiny 2 hits Starfire Protocol and Stompees with hard nerfs

Published: 14:19, 11 May 2023
Destiny 2 - Starfire Protocol is getting a massive nerf
Destiny 2 - Starfire Protocol is getting a massive nerf

Finesse is not Bungie's strong suit, as was shown by the latest round of Exotic balancing.

Bungie seems to have an aversion to nerf scalpels and just prefers to go with a nerf jackhammer every time they balance something. 

This ended up being the case with several Exotics that are getting changed in Season 21 of Destiny 2 , with Starfire Protocol and Stompees getting obliterated.

Other Exotics saw nerfs that weren't as severe or attempted changes that failed to make them useful, with only a handful getting actual buffs .

In any case, Starfire will no longer allow you to cheese things with Fusion Grenades as energy generation has been reduced from 20 per cent per instance of damage to 2.5 per cent. Empowered weapon kills now grenade 20 per cent grenade energy, meaning it could still see some use for add clear but against tougher targets it becomes rather useless.

Ironically, Bungie said they "didn’t want to completely rob the Exotic of its benefits" with this change while doing exactly that. Granted, the Exotic was overpowered but it has been burned down to ashes instead of being tweaked.

Bungie Destiny 2 It's not a good time to be a Hunter in Destiny 2

Hunters have been using Stompees in PvP since the dawn of time and even though other Exotics were played with certain builds, it was these boots that were always used the most.

This will no longer be the case since the benefits from the boots will now only work when your dodge is not on cooldown. In other words, you either get the speed, slide and jump benefits without dodging or you use dodge and make the Exotic useless.

At least Dunemarchers weren't hit as hard as they only saw a damage reduction from the chain lightning after sprinting.


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