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Rainbow Six Siege: Fenrir gadget and loadout

Published: 07:37, 15 May 2023
Rainbow Six Siege - Fenrir
Rainbow Six Siege - Fenrir

Rainbowi Six Siege has detailed the upcoming operator from Sweden and here are all the good bits.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting the Dread Factor update in June 2023 and it will be at this point that Ubisoft will introduce the new defender, Fenrir, to the roster.

He is an operator with two armour and two speed, making him slightly sturdier than a roamer and more fit for his control role.

Fenrir's unique gadget is the F-NATT mine, which he can stick to walls, floors, ceilings and so on. Initially, the gadget will be inactive and bulletproof but it can still be destroyed by explosives

He carries a total of five mines that can be placed around the map but has only three charges in the phone to activate them, meaning Fenrir will have to choose carefully what to activate, based on gathered intel.

Once the gadget is armed, it will become vulnerable to bullets. It will also activate when an attacker is in proximity, releasing gas that limits their vision in a small radius.

Fenrir's primary weapons are MP7 SMG and SASG-12 semi-auto shotgun while the Bailiff 410 is his secondary. The pistol is notable due to high environmental damage which makes it perfect for creating murder halls all around.

The secondary gadget is barbed wire, which should have pretty good synergy with F-NATT mines, leaving enemy operators with limited vision and movement at the same time.


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