Sons of the Forest: Do you need to feed Kalvin?

Published: 11:08, 24 February 2023
Endnight Games
Sons of the Forest - Kalvin in all his glory
Sons of the Forest - Kalvin in all his glory

Sons of the Forest players took a liking to the helpful bro Kalvin but one question lingers - do you need to take care of his needs?

Kalvin is an immense help in Sons of the Forest as that first log cabin would take forever to build without him. 

So while he is helpful, Endnight Games didn't clarify and the players had to wonder - can we do anything to help him and is Kalvin going to die if we don't feed him?

The answer is no - you don't need to feed Kalvin in Sons of the Forest and you don't need to give him drinks either.

He will do fine on his own. So far, players have reported seeing him eat berries and meat from traps and he can sometimes be seen drinking water on his own. If you are not sure how to drink water yourself yet, here is a quick guide so you don't have to rely on coming back to a single creek which can be time-consuming.

Back to Kalvin, if he is following you, you can spot him sleeping at times when you are resting at the fire or a shelter yourself. Other than that, no one reported him dying over the lack of basic need care.

On the flip side, just like you can't give him food, it doesn't appear you can give Kalvin weapons either.


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