Sons of the Forest endings guide: How to get bad, good and best ending

Published: 14:07, 26 February 2023
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Sons of the Forest - Turtles about to meet their end
Sons of the Forest - Turtles about to meet their end

Sons of the Forest can be finished in about an hour if you are in it just for the story but that may not be the best course of action.

Survival games usually don't have stories as the focal point and Sons of the Forest is no different. Still, this is a guide for the different endings so expect spoilers. If you don't want them, stop reading before going any deeper.

The gist of Endnight 's latest game is in the journey itself so sprinting it to the end is probably the wrong way to play the game. In any case, you can go finish it in three different ways and the endings can be categorised as "good" or "bad" but they are not that different.

Additionally, the "bad" ending isn't all that bad and you will mostly see the same things. Here is how to achieve the three different endings.

Sons of the Forest "bad" ending

This is the one you will get if you just go through the story objectives without interacting with the world all that much but you decide to stay in the end.

To achieve it, you just need to follow the story markers on the map, complete them, witness a pretty cool revelation in a cave and when the chopper comes to extract you, simply hang around for a period of time or walk back to the island. The helicopter will then depart without you and you can continue playing the game.

Endnight Sons of the Forest - Chasing girls with a stick is a surefire way to keep your virginity Don't chase Virginia with a spear if you want the best ending

Sons of the Forest "good" ending

The good ending is almost the same as the bad one. You go through the story objectives and reach the helicopter on the beach but instead of hanging around or going back to the island, you actually climb on and fly away, meaning your character successfully came back to civilisation.

Sons of the Forest "best" ending

To get this ending, you will need to have befriended Virginia along the way. Take her with you to the cave, witness the revelation together and when you leave, she should be following you to the helicopter so you and a total of four AI characters board it together.

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