Sons of the Forest water guide - How to collect and drink water?

Published: 09:02, 24 February 2023
Endnight Games
Sons of the Forest - Thirsty? Water is all over the island, all you have to do is drink it.
Sons of the Forest - Thirsty? Water is all over the island, all you have to do is drink it.

Since water is a key element in Sons of The Forest, you'll need it pretty much all the time if you want to stay alive. So, here's how you find and drink water. 

Surviving in Sons of The Forest can be very challenging since the game doesn't make it easy on you by telling you everything. From some basic stuff like drinking water to exploration, Sons of the Forest will let you figure out all these mechanics rather than hold your hand all the time.

Crashing on a remote island can be a bit overwhelming at first with all the things you need to do to stay alive like eat, build shelter, fight off cannibals and so on. In this guide, we'll try to make your start in Endnight's title a bit easier by telling you all about water. 

How to drink water in Sons of the Forest? 

  • You can drink water with your hands. Just make sure that you are not holding any items like axes or your GPS device. Once both of your hands are empty, you can approach the river or creek and drink water that way.
  • You can also get a 3D printed canteen. A 3D printer can be found at a location pinged on your GPS. 
  • Some plants like White Yarrow, Blackberries and Blueberries will fill up your water metre. 

IGN The trees burning is such a nice touch You can drink water from ponds and creeks just watch out for these monstrosities

It's worth noting that drinking from creeks and ponds won't make you sick like in the first game. Also, some players report that they are not able to collect water with turtle shells. We will be updating this article as we find out wether or not this is possible.

Since Sons of The Forest is an early-access game, keep in mind that the developers will be adding new items that will hopefully make it easier to collect and store water.


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