Sons of the Forest: Virginia guide - companion recruitment and abilities

Published: 13:05, 25 February 2023
Endnight Games
Sons of the Forest - Virginia during the initial encounter
Sons of the Forest - Virginia during the initial encounter

Wondering how you can recruit the Sons of the Forest waifu? Here is a quick guide that should help you.

Other than Kalvin, Virginia will be the first non-hostile NPC you will encounter in Sons of the Forest . That is because she is as curious about you as you are about her.

This is the first hint Endnight folks give players on how to recruit her as a companion - you just need to avoid scaring her away.

Virginia will repeatedly approach you and try to inspect you, which gives you multiple opportunities to befriend the half-mutant. However, her attempts can fail if you spook her, at which point she runs away.

Recruiting Virginia

In order to avoid scaring Virginia, always do the following:

  1. Holster any weapons you might be carrying when she is nearby
  2. Do not walk toward her. Let Virginia come to you

That is really all the wisdom there is to it. After she inspects you multiple times, you will see changes in her behaviour as she does different actions and even turns her back towards you, signalling she is becoming more comfortable.

You will know Virginia is friendly and able to be a companion when she starts visiting your base and basically chilling out. At this point walking towards her or having weapons equipped doesn't faze her.

What Virginia does in Sons of the Forest

Upon getting her to relax around you, Virginia will become friendly and you can give her weapons and clothes. Clothes can help with the snow biome but the weapons are the real highlight.

She can take out multiple mutants with ease if you give her a firearm but the real kicker is that she can carry two weapons. For example, you can give her a pistol and a shotgun, both of which she can utilise at the same time, thanks to having three hands.

We are not sure if it's a design choice, a bug or just a temporary bandaid for Early Access but it appears Virginia doesn't spend ammo when shooting firearms. Therefore, it might be best to leave guns with her instead of using them yourself as she can keep firing forever. This makes her overpowered and will most likely be patched later on.

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