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GTA Online discounts this week, February 23, 2023

Published: 08:39, 24 February 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA Online Widowmaker isn't really about sharpshooting
GTA Online Widowmaker isn't really about sharpshooting

Rockstar Games updated the weeklies for GTA Online once again and it's hard to see them refreshing the state of the game for the regular player.

Gun Van is selling the Widowmaker this week in GTA Online but other than that, Rockstar has struggled to bring exciting reasons to play the game as there is no drip-feed vehicle to look forward to. It might have something to do with the Valentine's Day event still going on.


  • 35 per cent off
    • Nightclubs and renovations
  • 25 per cent off
    • Progen Emerus
    • Vapid FMJ
    • Lampadati Komoda
    • Emperor ETR1
    • BF Surfer Custom
    • Declasse Tahoma Coupe
    • Declasse Yosemite

GTA$ and RP bonuses

  • X2
    • Offence Defense
    • Yohan Nightclub Missions
    • Nightclub Safe Income
    • Nightclub Popularity from Missions
  • X1.5
    • Nightclub goods staff production

Rockstar Games GTA Online Tahoma Coupe Try out Tacoma Coupe this week

Featured vehicles

  • Prize ride
    • Weevil
      • Place top three in Street Races, two days in a row
  • Podium vehicle
    • Previon
  • Luxury autos
    • Emerus
    • Paragon R
  • Simeon's showroom
    • Hermes
    • ETR1
    • Tahoma Coupe
    • FMJ
    • Yosemite

Prime Gaming subscribers get $125,000 for logging in at any point during the week. Keep in mind that the payout is not instant and it might take a day or two for your funds to arrive.


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