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Rose comes back to Destiny 2 next season

Published: 03:06, 19 November 2022
Destiny 2 - Rose
Destiny 2 - Rose

One of the most popular weapons is coming back to Destiny 2 after having an extended leave of absence.

When Bungie introduced sunsetting to Destiny 2 , the community was on fire with massive backlash following the brazen decision to nullify the players' invested time in the game and its activities.

Among the chaos, there were a few fans that noticed one of the all-time favourite weapons is also getting terrible treatment as Rose was among the guns that wouldn't progress in arbitrary numbers anymore.

Fast forward to TWAB from November 17, 2022, the devs announced the weapon is coming back, better than ever.

In Season 19, Rose will have a hybrid archetype which is an extreme rarity since the removal of the 150 RPM frames from hand cannons. While the gun will shoot at 140 RPM but it will have the passive bonus to Mobility that Lightweight Frames provide.

Stats will be a mix of 140 and 150 RPM and the weapon will have randomised perks, with a focus on those that are desired in 3v3 PvP. After all, that is how you will earn Rose in the first place.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Crafting something? No crafted version of Rose has been announced

No longer a precursor for Lumina, this hand cannon will be acquired through participation in Competitive Division which is basically the replacement for the Survival matches in the Glory playlist.

The mode will have an introductory quest which will award a Rose with the perks it originally had but once the quest is done, players can complete a weekly challenge to get a Rose with a random roll.

While one per week is not all that much, the cooldown will be character-based so as long as you have three characters with different classes, you can obtained three random roll Roses per week.


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