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eFootball 2023 adds 40 national teams temporarily

Published: 03:12, 18 November 2022
eFootball 2023 - Argentine squad
eFootball 2023 - Argentine squad

Konami revealed there will be a bunch of national teams added to eFootball 2023 so the game can have an international competition but the news is somewhat feeble after all.

World Cup is a giant event and despite the controversy over the host nation, it sends ripples all over the globe. Some of those ripples include adding more national teams to eFootball 2023 which is notoriously low on the amount of content it offers.

Konami announced that 40 national teams will be added so the players can enjoy the competition in Trial Match for offline mode and Dream Team online.

That rounds the number of national teams to a total of 46 which should bring some diversity for the players looking to enjoy something other than myClub.

The 40 national teams that were added are:

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Scotland
  4. Denmark
  5. Germany
  6. Netherlands
  7. Poland
  8. England
  9. Wales
  10. Belgium
  11. Ukraine
  12. Czech Republic
  13. France
  14. Austria
  15. Switzerland
  16. Croatia
  17. Serbia
  18. North Macedonia
  19. Italy
  20. Spain
  21. Turkey
  22. Portugal
  23. Venezuela
  24. Peru
  25. Brazil
  26. Chile
  27. Argentina
  28. Uruguay
  29. Costa Rica
  30. Japan
  31. India
  32. Thailand
  33. Malaysia
  34. Singapore
  35. Australia
  36. Morroco
  37. Egypt
  38. Cote D'Ivoire
  39. Ghana
  40. Cameroon

Konami eFootball 2023 - 40 new countries added eFootball 2023 - 40 new countries added

Konami mentioned that the new national teams can be "selected for a limited time" which probably means they are not permanent additions which is not going to sit well with the players.

Hopefully, we will get more teams when the premium parts of the game finally start popping up as the free-to-play model with emphasis on microtransactions is just not cutting it.


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