List of all operators who are part of Rainbow Six Siege's Nighthaven

Published: 20:19, 31 October 2022
Updated: 00:10, 02 November 2022
Wamai's real name is Ng?g? Muchoki Furaha
Before joining NIGHTHAVEN, Wamai was promised a boat from Kali so he could go to his next diving site

Rainbow Six Siege's slow transition from one massive anti-terrorist organization to multiple privatized military groups with different purposes started with the introduction of Kali and Wamay in Operation Shifting Tides.

Rainbow Six Siege started off as a game with the goal of recruiting special ops to fight terrorist organizations. As the years went on and operations passed, Ubisoft decided to tailor a different story for one of the most tactical  first-person shooters to this day.

Kali is the creator of Nighthaven, her own Private Security Company that operated within India’s borders, later it became a Private Military Company that operates overseas. 

After Operation Shifting Tides, Ubisoft introduced more and more operators who are part of Nighthaven and used the Private Military Company as an explanation for why their gadgets are so high-tech. 

So far, Nighthaven has 12 recruits:

1. Kali

The leader of Nighthaven created the organization due to the Indian military not allowing women to enrol.

2. Finka

She is introduced alongside Lion in Operation Chimera and is believed to have joined Nighthaven to be able to access technology that can help her cure her illness.

3. Aruni

The defender from Operation Neon Dawn has joined Rainbow Six Siege as a member of Nighthaven even though her close friend, Thermite, is a devout member of Team Rainbow.

Ubisoft NIGHTHAVEN is a group of mercenaries that works for the highest bidder NIGHTHAVEN is a group of mercenaries that works for the highest bidder

4. Ela

The defender from Operation Blood Orchid joined Nighthaven later on after a fight with her sister, Zofia. Fans speculate that her main goal is to prove her sister wrong and show her worth.

5. IQ

One of the pathfinder operators of Rainbow Six Siege became part of Nighthaven mainly due to the heavily advanced technology they provide.

6. Ace

The Norwegian attacker was introduced into Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Steel Wave as a member of Nighthaven.

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7. Osa 

The first transgender operator to join Rainbow Six Siege in Crystal Guard as a member of Nighthaven.

8. Jäger

IQ's pathfinder squadmate joined Nighthaven without a lot of explanation and it is hard to understand his goals with the organization

9. Pulse 

He is speculated to have joined Nighthaven to spy on Kali and report back to Ash or Thermite. His original bio does not match up with the aims and goals of Nighthaven as he is said to be a humanitarian.

10. Wamai

He was released as Kali's +1 and is one of the first original members of Nighthaven.

11. Smoke 

The biggest shock for the community is Smoke switching sides. He is believed to have joined Kali's organization because he saw more opportunities and the organization aligned with his ideologies.

12. Grim

The latest operator to join Rainbow Six Siege is part of Nighthaven and with him came Nighthaven's official separation from Team Rainbow.


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