Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Solar Raid top 10 defenders to play

Published: 16:47, 23 December 2022
Solis is not as viable as we thought she would be
Solis is not as viable as we thought she would be

Team composition is very important, especially now with Attacker Repick being in the game. Defenders have to be ready for everything and these are the operators that are able to do exactly that.

Team composition is very important in Rainbow Six Siege as every operator plays a major role in their team and can contribute towards a victory in various ways aside from getting kills. This might come as a surprise due to shooter games mainly focusing on frags as a means of success and victory.

The following tier list rates the top 10 defenders according to their utility, gadget, frag potential and contribution to the team. These operators are present in the majority of the matches that Gold or Platinum players will play.

1. Mute

While Mute does not necessarily have a lot of frag potential, his utility and gadget make him the most important operator of Rainbow Six Siege considering how much the meta currently revolves around intel gathering and Mute's purpose is to deny exactly that.

2. Rook

With the recent buff that was given to Rook, he has become the fan favourite due to the ease of his gadget, the massive advantage that his gadget gives to his teammates and rooks overall utility and guns keep him in second place.

3. Mira

Ever since her release, Mira has not only singlehandedly changed the meta of Rainbow Six Siege but also introduced a whole new playstyle when it comes to defending crucial walls. Even with her gadget getting nerfed, Mira still dominates the meta.

4. Smoke

For years, Smoke has been the most dominant area denial defender and even with the introduction of many new operators who have the same purpose, he stays as the #1 pick for many players.

Ubisoft Valkyrie can create a massive competitive edge over her enemies Valkyrie can create a massive competitive edge over her enemies

5. Valkyrie

In Rainbow Six Siege, intel gathering plays a bigger role than fragging and Valkyrie is all about that. Even with her indirect nerf limiting her to keeping her cameras strictly indoors, she still does not fail to provide eyes to her team.

6. Azami

Azami was added in Year 7 and her introduction was as explosive as that of Mira. Being able to quickly and vigilantly close breached walls has granted her a spot in the top 10.

7. Bandit

Bandit's gadget and very powerful utility make him a very well-rounded operator and a great enemy utility funnel especially if the players have mastered the Bandit trick. His gadget will destroy any enemy utility that comes into contact with the wall that Bandit is protecting and that is exactly why he is so valuable.

8. Thunderbird

Thunderbird's set-and-forget gadget that can heal teammates as many times as they need make her the ideal healer in every situation. Additionally, her very powerful assault rifle and impacts/C4 can make her the healer you don't want to mess with.

9. Kapkan

Kapkan is one of the easiest operators to play since the randomness of his gadget placement is exactly what will get him kills or at least a massive health reduction. His ability to set and forget his gadget makes room for him to still help out other teammates if help is needed or just lurk around the map.

10. Jager

Even with all of the nerf that Jager has gone through, he still stays a very relevant and important part of the roster since nobody does utility denial as well as he does.


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