Rainbow Six Siege operators that will never be nerfed: Valkyrie

Published: 07:03, 05 October 2022
Updated: 19:31, 05 October 2022

As Valorant and Apex Legends have taken the FPS scene with flashy skins and futuristic gadgets, the Siege community has made it clear that there are players that remain in the opposite camp, preferring more analog gadgets over sci-fi.

Previously we've looked at Frost , Fuze , and Sledge as the indestructible operators resilient to Ubisoft 's nerfs, and today Valkyrie joins the trio as one of the nerf-defying operators of Siege

Valkyrie is a two-speed, two-armour defender with three deployable cameras that stick to pretty much every surface in the game. She was introduced to Siege in Year 1 as Blackbeard's defending counterpart, but unlike him, she has come out on top even with all of the meta changes that she was presented with.

Upon release, Valkyrie had a pretty attractive kit consisting of four Black Eye cameras, the MPX submachine gun, a SPAS-12 shotgun, and a beefy D-50 handgun, rounded off with a C4 and a Deployable Shield.

 As time passed and the meta shifted, Valkyrie has gone through adjustments, none of which were capable of dethroning her as the best intel gatherer on the defending side. 

Shortly after her release, Valkyrie lost one of her Black Eyes in an attempt to balance her out and lower her pick rate. This has shown to not be very effective as she remained a comfort pick for many players while also bringing valuable utility to the team. 

PC Gamer Valkyrie is one of the few operators that fits both as a roamer and an anchor due to the different playstyle options her cameras offer Valkyrie is one of the few operators that fits both as a roamer and an anchor due to the different playstyle options her cameras offer

Her primary weapon, the MPX, is one of Siege's pea shooters, however, the gun's high rate of fire paired with a very mild recoil pattern make it a headshot machine for Valk. 

With the introduction of Sam Fisher and Operation Shadow Legacy came the introduction of Ping 2.0, not requiring the player to scan the area in order to place a ping where they needed it. While this was not the intention, this ended up being one of the biggest buffs to Valkyrie, cementing her as one of the top picks for defense regardless of the site in question. 

In an attempt to combat Valkyrie's overwhelming presence in the meta, her cameras are now unusable outside of the building after a short period of time. This has helped tone down her massive rise in popularity ever since Ping 2.0 but she still stands amongst the best defenders in the game.


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