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Ubisoft offer compensation for recent Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking bug

Published: 23:16, 16 December 2022
Ubisoft did a smart thing with this move
Ubisoft did a smart thing with this move

Most of the community has experienced an issue with not being able to join their squads and play together. This issue wasn't only tied to crossplay but also to players on the same platforms. 

The Rainbow Six Siege community thought that the recent patch, Patch Y7S4.1 , would fix the issue many players had been experiencing. 

Sadly, the patch notes did not mention any fix regarding the inability to join squads; thus, the problem remains.

Now, Ubisoft has offered compensation to those who are experiencing this problem as a way to buy more time to work on the issue itself.

The compensation will take the form of a 50% Renown Booster and a 50% Battlepass Booster that will last for the duration of 48 hours.

It seems like Rainbow Six Siege faces the same issues over and over again with the launch of every season and Solar Raid was no exception. But at least the players' voices are heard through R6 Fix. And this time they were loud.

Ubisoft R6 Fix allows the players to report issues in exchange for rewards R6 Fix allows the players to report issues in exchange for rewards

The season is off to a great start but issues like these remind the community (both new players and veterans) of the game they played before Operation Health, the only difference being iconic nerfs that took place throughout the years ( Blackbeard becoming useless and Ash, Bandit and Jager losing their ACOG scopes only being a few worth mentioning).

Hopefully, Rainbow Six Siege will receive the patching it needs very fast or otherwise those who were excited about the new season might not stick around long enough to experience the exciting part of it.


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