Rainbow Six Siege back to basics: Team Composition - Defenders

Published: 08:38, 12 October 2022
The SAS boys
The SAS boys

Composing the perfect team as a new or returning player in Rainbow Six Siege might not be the easiest thing to do. We have created this guide to break down everything you need to know about creating the ideal defending team.

Being the most team-reliant game since 2015, Rainbow Six Siege makes sure to punish all of those who try to play it selfishly. The attackers have carefully chosen their operators , and it's time for the defenders to do the same. 

Ubisoft has made a quick survey that players can take on their website to find out what operator would suit them best based on their play style.

Defenders have a lot more freedom picking operators as the ball is in their court when it comes to choosing sites. That being said, they have to be mindful of their composition due to the introduction of attacker re-pick .

The roles on defence are slightly more complicated than those on the attack, the role-defying objectives of each defender can be categorised as follows:

  • Wall Support These are the operators in charge of keeping reinforced walls up with the help of their gadgets (Kaid, Bandit, Honorable Mention: Mute)
  • Intel Gather -  These are the operators that are equipped with gadgets that give up enemy location (Valkyrie, Caveira, Pulse etc...)
  • Intel Denial - These operators have the purpose of making it difficult for attackers to gain information (Mute, Vigil, Mozzie, Honorable Mention: Azami)
  • Area Denial - These are the operators in charge of keeping attackers away from the site by defending access points (Melusi, Goyo, Clash etc...)
  • Utility - These are the operators designed to force attackers to use up valuable resources such as throwables and intel-gathering devices (Jäger, Wamai, Mute, Aruni, Castle)
  • Buff - These are the operators whose gadgets make the defenders harder to kill (Thunderbird, Rook, Doc)
  • Crowd Control - These are the operators meant to whittle attackers down and disorient them by the time they get to the site (Kapkan, Frost, Ela)

Ubisoft Mute and Smoke holding site for dear life Mute and Smoke holding site for dear life

Certain operators excel at either roaming or anchoring based on their gadgets and speed. 

A three-speed defender is an ideal pick for a roam. Ubisoft made sure to equip three-speed defenders predominantly with set-it-and-forget-it gadgets or gadgets used on the fly (Caveira and Thunderbird).

Two-speed defenders are in a mixed category for roaming and anchoring. If the gadget does not require active use to have an effect, the operator can be a roamer (Valkyrie). 

Oryx, whose overall kit makes him the most mobile operator is a two-speed, while Warden's reliance on standing still makes him a significantly stronger two-speed anchor.

One-speed defenders are better off staying on and around the site as most of their gadgets require more attention anyway (Mira and Echo).

The ideal roster for defence would consist of one Intel Gather, one Crowd Control, one Area Denial, one Utility, and one Flex. The choice between whether they are a roamer or an anchor is up to you as long as both roles are included. Again, the purpose of the Flex on each team is to counter potential shortcomings of their composition.


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