Rainbow Six Siege: The story behind Azami

Published: 00:04, 08 November 2022
Azami fell out with her sensei after she reached a standstill at the academy
Azami fell out with her sensei after she reached a standstill at the academy

After facing suspension due to multiple violent outbursts in the line of duty, Azami subsequently chose to join the private sector as a bodyguard. But how did she end up in Rainbow?

Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege started off strong with the introduction of Kana "Azami" Fujiwara, the two-speed, two-armour defender hailing from Japan.

Her knowledge of languages served her well when she moved to Tokyo to study at the Metropolitan Police Academy, where she met Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa.

Fujiwara worked exclusively for Masayuki Yahata in Fukuoka as his personal bodyguard. The pair went on to become close which was uncharacteristic of Fujiwara's professionalism when it came to her job.

During a routine trip to the market, Azami complained that the trip was an unnecessary security threat and that Yahata could have had his groceries delivered.

Her assumptions proved correct, however, as several men disguised throughout the market started firing at them. Fujiwara pushed Yahata down behind a stand and dealt with the assassins.

 Unfortunately, a stray bullet fatally struck Yahata in the chest during the attack. With his dying breath, Yahata called out Azami's name as she cried out in anguish.

She took on the name "Azami" (vengeance), refusing to use her real name again until she got revenge for Yahata and reclaimed her honour. She later broke into Hibana's home and asked for her help in finding those who were responsible for Yahata's death. 

Ubisoft One of Azami's secret pleasures is fashion One of Azami's secret pleasures is fashion

Azami showed Hibana a bullet casing from one of the assassins that had the letters "QCR" imprinted on it. Recognizing it as the acronym for Nighthaven's R&D division, Quantum Concepts and Robotics, Hibana agreed to help.

Later on, they met with Ryad "Jackal" Al-Hassar and Mike "Thatcher" Baker who surveyed the area. Jackal found two sets of footprints leaving the area and noted that one of the assailants was badly injured. 

The footprints led to an abandoned factory where one of the assailants was hiding. Azami approached him and demanded to know where they had gotten their weapons from. 

The assailant explained that they had received an encrypted message about assassinating Yahata but believed it was a joke until they received a crate full of Nighthaven weapons, intel, and money

Moments later, a helicopter opened fire on them, killing the assailant. Azami threw several Kiba barriers, enabling everyone to run to safety. As they watched the helicopter leave, Hibana remarked that if they worked for Nighthaven, then they have just 'declared war' on Rainbow. 

This prompted Hibana to ask her to join Rainbow so that they could work together to find those responsible. 


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