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Hunt: Showdown introduces a new battlepass with Devil's Moon

Published: 22:52, 16 December 2022
New battlepass is here!!
New battlepass is here!!

With a new event, a new map condition and a new DLC, Crytek also decided that it is only fair to release a new battlepass for the duration of the event in Hunt: Showdown.

With the Devil's Moon event going live on Hunt: Showdown , the star of the show wasn't the new DLC or the new condition but rather the new battlepass that was launched with Devil's Moon.

The battlepass will contain 50 tiers with 1000 event points between each tier. Included will be two legendary hunters, Mary Ochenkov and False Saint, a bunch of weapon charms, weapon skins, gadget skins, unique items and many more.

Those who do not wish to purchase the battlepass will still get free rewards but those rewards will not be present in every tier but rather every few tiers. 

Everything that has been released for Hunt: Showdown in the past few weeks gives the game a brand new feeling and the players a brand new experience that will refresh their love for the game.

Hunt: Showdown This hunter looks insane This hunter looks insane

The only thing that the players seem to be worried about is the duration of the event and the number of points needed to get to the next tier. While every tier needs 1000 event points, every game played in the event gives roughly around 130 to 150 points, meaning that the players will need to invest a lot of time into grinding the game if they wish to collect everything the battlepass has to offer.


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